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Korea's internet addict camp breaks dependence with crafts, drumming

Darren Murph

We apologize in advance if any of what follows hits a little too close to home, but unless you're camped out in South Korea, you don't have to worry about being ripped from your computer and sent to the Jump Up Internet Rescue School. Much like the facility seen earlier this year in China, this compound attempts to rehabilitate citizens from their dependence on the intarweb by forcing coaxing them into less digital activities such as pottery and drumming (Rock Band, anyone?). South Korea, which boasts "nearly universal" internet access, offers up the camp free of charge to those admitted, and currently, around four to five habitual net users are applying for every one available spot. While there, campers engage in social activities and participate in group functions like horseback riding and wall climbing, but it remains to be seen if graduates of the program can really resist the temptation of relapsing once they return home.

[Via NewsFactor / Yahoo]

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