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Mana Princess shows off a Gift Pack for Black Friday

Mike Schramm

Our favorite WoW crafter, Mana Princess, sends word that she's updated her store for the holidays-- not only has she added some Alliance and Horde ornaments (just in time for tree setup), but she also told us about her Black Friday sale, in which she's selling a gift pack of everything you see above for just $35. It's the perfect gift for the WoW player in your life (even if that's you). And because it's in honor of Black Friday (and also her birthday), when those items are gone at that price, she says they're gone.

Now, lest you think we're guilty of favoritism here, while we do like MP a lot, we do realize she's not the only WoW crafter on the block. If you've got some crafts you want to show off (whether you're selling them or not, feel free to drop us a line over on our comment form, and give us a heads up on what you're up to. We love everything WoW, and while Mana Princess makes some great stuff, we're sure she's not the only game in town.

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