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Mr. T and William Shatner appear in WoW commercials [Updated]

Samuel Axon

William Shatner and Mr. T are appearing in two new World of Warcraft TV commercials. All Blizzard needs is the Hoff and it'll have the holy trinity of cheese!

This is without a doubt one of the most awesome things we've yet reported. Mr. T talks about his "Night Elf Mohawk." William Shatner players a Shaman and wears a goofy looking robe. It's exactly as funny as you'd expect, and it will be broadcast nationally soon. Blizzard announced that Verne Troyer -- aka "Minime" -- will be recording a commercial as well.

World of Warcraft players have already been littering guild chat with "I pity the fool who specs survival on his Hunter!" and taking screenshots of their characters screaming "KHAAAAAAN!" at the sky. So it goes without saying that these commercials will probably go over quite well.

[EDIT: We have the videos here for your viewing pleasure! Shatner is above, and Mr. T is just behind the jump.]

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