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Rock Band Weekly: Metallica, Police, Queens of the Stone Age and others


Welcome to our first edition of Rock Band Weekly, where we'll be posting the new DLC content for Rock Band on a (gasp!) weekly basis. Although almost every song and pack has been announced up until the end of the year, who wants to do all that searching into the ancient times to find answers? A friendly reminder never hurt anyone -- plus something like this will keep Harmonix honest on their weekly DLC statements.

This week is Rock Band launch week and there's a slew of new content available for DLC. We're guessing it's standard ops for Xbox 360 to get the content on Wednesday and PS3 on Thursday. Find the list of songs and packs for this week after the break.

Metallica Pack - $5.50:
Ride the Lightning ($2)
And Justice for All

The Police Pack - $5.50:
Can't Stand Losing You ($2)
Synchronicity II

Queens of the Stone Age Pack - $5.50:
3's and 7's ($2)
Little Sister ($2)
Sick Sick Sick ($2)

Individual Songs

Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival ($2 *Cover*)
Juke Box Hero
by Foreigner ($2 *Cover*)
Bang a Gong (Get It On)
by T-Rex ($2 *Cover*)
My Sharona
by The Knack ($2 *Cover*)
Cherry Bomb
by The Runaways ($2 *Cover*)
Joker & The Thief
by Wolfmother ($2)

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