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So, how much does a blog spend on VC games?


With this week being dedicated to the first birthday of our most favorite thing on this planet, the Wii, we looked at every possible aspect of the console we wanted to discuss. All of our launch day stories, its first year when compared to the GameCube and, last but not least, Nintendo's first foray into the downloadable content arena. And, as many of you faithful readers know, we love checking out what the service has for download every Monday.

As responsible bloggers, we do our best to play the releases every week and let you know what we think. In doing this, we've run up quite the tab with Nintendo, as we've only missed a few weeks of covering the games. Considering the average weekly release of games will set you back about $21, we calculated that the amount of money we've spent on Virtual Console games is more than we could've ever imagined.

Sadly, we can't measure the full year, as we've only been downloading every game to discuss since near the end of February. So, that's about 4 months of not downloading games, which brings us to about 40 weeks of downloads. With the average cost for us to do so each week is $21 and change (as we've said above), we've spent about $840 total on Virtual Console games.

We look forward to this upcoming year, to get a full year's catalog of releases under our belt. And, what about you folks? On average, how much do you think you spend a week? How much do you think you've spent since the service's debut?

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