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Virtual bicycles, real cause


Second Life is a great place for nonprofits and altruistic causes to connect with like-minded people. Real conversations can be had there, and real friendships have formed through working toward a common goal. In that spirit, Virtual Africa is the SL build currently under development by Uthango Social Investments, a charity based in Capetown, South Africa. They're currently running a fundraising drive through SL for a new Opportunity Center for unemployed job seekers.

"The Opportunity Centre is a revamped cow shed that we need to equip with computers, office resources and mentors to assist job seekers, small entrepreneurs and community members in making their own way out of poverty by actively pursuing their dreams," said Dorette Steenkamp, co-executive director of Uthango. "The [e]bizikile fundraising event is meant to bring attention to how bicycles fit into the economy in African cities and rural towns."

Basically, residents can buy a bicycle designed by Shukran Fahid of !BooPeRFunK! for L$250, and choose to contribute to a fund for buying a real Capetown resident a bicycle. SL charity organization Charitable Hearts is helping to organize this effort to get the SL community involved in making a real world difference in someone's life.

For more information on this fundraiser, contact Enakai Ultsch or Alanagh Recreant in-world.

[Thanks, Cybergrrl!]

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