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Warhammer beta update - part III

Michael Zenke

The folks at EA Mythic recently released the lowdown on Shadow Warriors and Swordmasters, two of the elf classes from their in-development game Warhammer Online. They say catharsis is good for the soul, and the designers seem to have taken that to heart - they've let loose with the third beta update letter, filling all of us plebes in about how they're all having a great time without us (thank you very much).

What's innit? This time around, there's a bit of discussion on populating and fleshing out the Tier 4 elf zones, as well as bunch more tantalizing information about the Tome of Knowledge. There's another look at the Swordmaster, from a design perspective, and a similar treatment for the Witch Elf.

The best bit, though, has to be the discussion of the Trophy system. The Warhammer devs have promised lots of customization, and this is how they're going to manage it: by letting us put doo-dads on our characters. In a nutshell, as you unlock items in your Tome you will gain access to Trophy items that you can place on your character. Up to five trophy items that you can show at once, but you'll have from 11 to 15 slots to showcase them ... Our artists are slaving away so that you will have access to 100's of trophies to choose from. Just think of the combinations that you can achieve when you have 100+ trophies, five to select, and 11 different locations to equip them. Talk about visual specialization!

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