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Warrior Epic developer sits down for a chat

Chris Chester

Only a year or so ago it seemed like like subscription-free MMOs were a fantasy -- what free titles we did get were either shoddy, based on cheap retail merchandise, or likely both. The last year or two has seen a deluge of new free-to-play MMOs that, while usually no challenge for their cash-laden counterparts, can still be pretty damn fun to play. In a recent interview, GameZone raked Possibility Space's Brice Lucas over the coals, trying to glean from him what it is that separates Warrior Epic from the growing crowd of other free MMOs.

Lucas cites such features as unique player halls, casual-friendly missions, and soloability as the primary things that make Warrior Epic different, though we can't help but be skeptical, as that doesn't sound terribly different than what games like NCsoft's Dungeon Runners are offering today. Still, the game is early in development, so we're going to have to give them the benefit of the doubt. Warrior Epic will be going into closed beta within a few months, so you're encouraged to sign up on their website if you're keen on being among the first to get a good look at the title. I know I am.

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