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Watch the one-woman Rock Band

Justin McElroy

You knew it would happen. Secretly, when no one was around, you've probably even contemplated attempting it yourself, in the hidden recesses of your imagination: The one-person Rock Band. The game's been officially released for less that 12 hours, and we already have our first video of someone attempting to challenge the rockolossus: MTV Multiplayer's Tracey John.

And the results? Well, they're pretty demoralizing, actually. Though she puts up a valiant effort, it takes less than a minute for her to become undone. But take heart, Tracey: Though others may someday do it better, you were there first. Like a feminine, shorter Don Quixote, you were willing to dream the impossible dream while others stood idle. And that still counts for something.

[Sadly, MTV videos still don't work for users in the U.K. and Canada. We have no idea why.]

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