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Cinemassively Interviews: Oxhorn on Hat vs. Barnaby

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From the first time I saw Hat vs. Barnaby, I couldn't get Hat, the Singing Turtle, out of my head. I even went so far as to stalk Oxhorn in order to find out more about him! While I was disappointed to learn that Hat probably wouldn't marry a human, I did discover some important details of his life.

Born in a little pond in the Barrens, Hat knew there was more to life than eating crickets. All he really wanted to do was sing, and he didn't let anyone discourage him! As for Barnaby, Associate Professor Evil found him trying to catch cheese in a river! Since that fateful day, he has lived a life of killing and critiquing.

The ending of this World of Warcraft Machinima was a bit of a cliffhanger, so I had many questions regarding both Hat and Barnaby. How do they get along now? What are Hat's plans for the future?

Read on after the jump to find out the answers to those questions and more ...

I understand that Hat and Barnaby were minor characters in some of your other films. What made you decide to give them starring roles?

I've always been more interested in the minor characters of movies myself and so I figured I'd show the world a little more about Hat and Barnaby.

How old is Hat? What are his hobbies? What does he look for in a woman?

Hat is 9. Singing is his main hobby, and he practices all the time. Women? He hasn't been looking for women at all--he's been too busy singing. But if the right one comes along, well, even a turtle has a libido.

How does he feel about turtles from other platforms, like Second Life?

Turtles from other platforms? Well i suppose he'd have to meet them first and see if they can sing. If they can't sing, then I'm sure he'll have no interest.

Does he have any formal musical training?

Nah, he sang with some frogs once when he was growing up, and he would visit them often, but that is all the practice he ever got.

How is Hat handling his fame?

Well Hat is both loved and hated. He is loved because he is cute, and he is hated because he can't sing. He doesn't want to be cute. He wants to be a bad-ass, so you can imagine that the "cuteness' reputation he gets is quite annoying. He also thinks that he is a very good singer, so he gets annoyed when people think he can't sing. I guess he is pretty agitated quite often.

What are Barnaby's credentials?

Here are Barnaby's credentials:
  • Killed and ate a bunch of beggars.
  • Killed and ate a bunch of gold farmers
  • Will kill and eat a bunch of something later, I am sure.
How did he come to be known as The Great Critic?

Barnaby has an opinion about everything, and he is sure to tell all the students at Evil Alchemist University exactly what he thinks. Seeing as how he is Associate Professor Evil's pet, the students rarely contradict him.

Would you say that Hat and Barnaby are friends now?

Friends? Maybe. They at least sort of like each other's presence. But they never found out which of them was the strongest, and that is still hanging in the air.

What are Hat's plans for the future?

Hat plans to play the lead in a complete version of King Lear. Only he will sing every line. Yeah, I know, but he feels so passionate about it.

I'd like to thank Brandon Dennis, aka Oxhorn, for humoring me as I asked if Hat was single. This film spawned many jokes among my friends, including how Hat would hold the phone to call me. I also have a new favorite word, "turvert." If you fell in love with Hat as much as I did, Oxhorn has many items in his store to show your support!

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