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MPIO's MG200 gets a price, ship date

Darren Murph

Last seen struttin' its stuff at IFA, MPIO's stylish MG200 is making waves again thanks to the price tag and release date it's now carrying along. Just to bring you back up to speed, this thing features a 128 x 128 resolution OLED display, FM tuner, a voice recorder, rechargeable Li-ion good for 18- / 4-hours or so (audio / video playback) and support for WMA, MP3, and MTV file formats. Now, on to the good stuff: 1GB and 2GB versions will both land on December 1st for ¥7,980 ($72) and ¥9,980 ($90), respectively, while the 4GB unit will arrive sometime before the year's end for ¥12,980 ($118).

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