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LG Shine now showing on AT&T's website, too

Chris Ziegler

AT&T kinda sorta started offering the Shine all quiet-like through some of its brick and mortar stores earlier this week, but in case you needed any more proof that the high class slider is the real deal, here ya go. We'd characterize the Shine as resting somewhere in the upper end of AT&T's midrange offerings -- if that makes any sense -- owing in part to its 2 megapixel cam, HSDPA, and Video Share support. The carrier seems particularly proud of the phone's display, too, calling it a "mesmerizing 2.2 [inch] wide mirror LCD" and playing up its "multi-angle vision technology," so if mesmerizing LCDs and 5-way nav joysticks are your thing, go check it out. Odds are you'll be able to find this in your local store tomorrow, too.

[Thanks, Jacob]

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