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New Clan of Conan newsletter released for turkey day

Chris Chester

For the few folks not engrossed in the yearly ritual of family, food, and football, Funcom has sent out Issue 11 of their Clan of Conan newsletter, recapping most of the news over the last month, announcing some interesting new assets, serving up a sweet AoC comic book from Dark Horse, and offering a chance to win some Age of Conan swag and a highly-coveted spot in their beta test. They're also doing a feature where they spotlight a specific fansite each month, which we like because it gives the community some much-needed love.

The assets this month seem to be focused on the Black Rock Citadel (pictured above), but are frustratingly limited in quantity. While we understand that Funcom prefers to release new information about the game on their own time, it sure would nice if there was more original material in these newsletters. We're extremely excited about Age of Conan, but even for us the biggest draw is the contest. And yet, we find ourselves anxious to open it whenever it pops up. If you want to be be part of the clan, check out Funcom's sign-up page.

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