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Bioshock and Enemy Territory on sale on Steam, 20% off

Maybe you're still hungover from a turkey overdose, or perhaps you have a completely rational fear of crowded malls on Black Friday, but if you weren't able to haul your keister out of the house to get your gaming deals (last minute stragglers: see our handy dandy Black Friday deals list here) then Valve's got your back.

If you're looking for either BioShock or Quake Wars: Enemy Territory, you can nab them on Steam for an extra 20% off, placing these previously $50 games at a far more palatable $40 price point. And unlike those inconveniently short Black Friday sales, this one will be around until Monday morning at 10am so you've got some time to mull it over.

Joytip: Best Buy has BioShock – and Orange Box – boxed for only $25 if you can get there in the next couple hours.

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