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GamesRadar finds ten of the world's best gamers, you aren't one

Sorry, neither are you, Jimmy Woods. However, ten other virgins incredibly skilled gamers made it onto GamesRadar's "Ten of the godliest gamers" list, playing the games they've spent humbling portions of their lives mastering. From Street Fighter to Minesweeper, prepare to have your opinion of your own gaming skills blown to smithereens. Think you're good at Tetris? Can you play at the speed of light, with invisible blocks? We thought not.

Forgive us if we glance at these videos with apprehension. Don't get us wrong, the list is impressive; we're just a little hurt that we weren't included. We don't mean to brag, but we used to know a thing or two about a little game called Pokemon Snap. We've been told that seeing our photo of a newly-evolved Charizard bursting from the depths of a volcano, skin glistening from the polish of magma, is like feeling your soul stir deep within your chest. Please, if you have a moment, let us show you them.

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