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Nokia Sports Tracker takes to the web

Chris Ziegler

Nokia's Sports Tracker app for S60 devices certainly isn't new; it's been kicking around since the early months of the year, in fact. So why is it back in beta? Turns out the service has been significantly expanded and retooled to give it all more of a cooperative, social, webby feel by allowing folks to upload and share their personal workouts (pictured). It'll work with S60 3rd Edition handsets using both internal and external GPS modules, making a wide array of phones compatible -- though it's unclear exactly how a runner would attach a phone and a GPS module to their person securely and unobtrusively enough to work out. The service is still in beta, and Nokia's promising more features (like real-time data uploads) down the road -- but if you simply must try it out now, by all means, don't let us stop you.

[Thanks, Antti V.]

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