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Bright House Networks adds National Geographic HD in at least one market

Ben Drawbaugh

One of our favorite HD channels is finally starting to get some love from Bright House Networks as it was recently added to the line-up at channel 727 in the Tampa market. This is good news from BHN fans everywhere as well as Time Warner Cable (a Time Warner company just like Engadget), as San Antonio customers can also expect to see NatGeo show up in HD in that market very soon. We've come to expect BHN and TWC to add HD channels together since they team up in the attempt to get a better carriage deal. Unfortunatly for some customers, who haven't seen a new HD channels in their local TWC market in some time, can expect not to see this one as well. With the bandwidth challenged markets the only thing that can help them is SDV, which can't get their fast enough for some, or slow enough for others.

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