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No more dev blogging for Jeff Minter


Following last week's sour rant about the poor sales of Space Giraffe, and more importantly after the response to said rant, Jeff Minter has announced that he will no longer use his LiveJournal blog to chronicle game development. Minter has a new set of harsh words for those that felt the need to disagree with his rant, while he has words of gratitude for those that encouraged him. He also reassures the masses that he is not giving up game development, and is in fact halfway through his next project. Furthermore, Minter notes that there are "a couple of reasonably quick games" in the works, which he believes is "the way to make it work out" for Llamasoft.

So there you have it folks, the world hasn't heard the last of Jeff Minter. Frankly, we're glad to hear it.

[Image (minus the caption) via Gamasutra]

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