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Perpetual disbanding, STO in jeopardy [Updated]

Samuel Axon

South Korean company Gravity was forced in a mandatory SEC report to spill the beans that Perpetual Entertainment is seeking liquidation of all its assets and will soon cease to exist as a company. Gravity had to disclose this information in compliance with US law to inform its shareholders that it stands to lose $9 million in investments in Perpetual Entertainment due to the company's failure.

Perpetual Entertainment filed for liquidation on the 10th of October, just a day after it announced the cancellation of its Gods & Heroes project. While appearances are that Star Trek Online has remained in some kind of development (however limited) in the short term, Perpetual will soon be forced to sell all its assets to pay off its debts.

That means that either Star Trek Online is due for cancellation, or the project will be sold to a new development studio. Perpetual's continued work on STO is evidence that it at least hopes to keep the project alive by handing it off to another company. We don't know if Perpetual already has a buyer lined up or which company that buyer would be.

[EDIT: WarCry's Razor has suggested that the SEC report is misleading and that this was just a part of the process of ending development of Gods & Heroes. His suggestion might be worthy of consideration, but there is not yet enough evidence behind it for us to call this a false alarm. We've sent an e-mail to our press contacts at Perpetual Entertainment for clarification and when/if we get a statement, we'll let you know.]

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