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Rockstar's British appeal begins for Manhunt 2


Official proceedings began today for Rockstar's appeal to the British Board of Film Classification, regarding their refusal to rate the Wii version of Manhunt 2, effectively barring the game from release in the UK. provides coverage of the appeal. Geoffrey Robertson, representing Rockstar Games, opened the proceedings with his statement, claiming that the BBFC are "ignorant of the gaming experience," and might as well be called "the British Board of Videogame Censors."

Robertston further accused the Video Appeals Committee of having never even played video games, to which one panel member reportedly responded that some of them actually had (to which we say: only some of them?). Robertson argued that the BBFC is more concerned with their own image than anything else.

Rockstar has clearly come out with fists flying for the appeal. It remains to be seen if the aggressive strategy will prove effective in allowing the lackluster Manhunt 2 to find its way to British Wii's.

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