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Everybody's Nintendo Channel available in Japan to sate hungry DS systems


The latest Wii channel popped up in Japan tonight without warning, ready to serve videos and demos. The Minna no Nintendo Channel (Everybody's Nintendo Channel) is the DS demo channel we've heard about, but also includes Wii videos, releases lists (uh-oh!) and the capability to recommend games you own to Wii friends. These recommendations are also collected en masse to be tabulated in December.

The channel currently offers just a few DS downloads, including demos of some training games and a patch for the Japanese version of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. The demos stream from Nintendo rather than being saved, and are accessed on the DS via Download Play. The video section offers trailers and commercials for new and recent games, including Wii Fit. According to NeoGAF's john tv, the videos keep playing in a corner if you exit the video menu. Check NeoGAF for frequently-updated impressions from the international gadflies who post there. Really, it sounds like the current content is less enthralling than the promise of future content.

[Via NeoGAF]

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