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'Everybody's Nintendo' Wii channel launches in Japan, offers videos and DS demo downloads


It had to drop sooner or later, and it seems that today was the lucky day for Japanese Wii owners. With little to no fan-fare, the "Everybody's Nintendo" Wii channel has launched in Japan, offering release date information, promotional videos, and -- finally -- streaming DS demo downloads.

The service essentially acts as an extended promotion for Nintendo's products, allowing users to view commercials, gameplay footage, and interviews about various Nintendo products and games. A different section offers release date schedules for the DS and Wii, with easy access to box art, pricing, and various other details on games. The channel can also be set up to offer gaming recommendations based on age, gender, and other variables.

Obviously the feature we're most excited for is the streaming DS downloads. The initial list in Japan consists mostly of several Touch Generations titles, as well as a patch for the Japanese versions of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. No information has been given on the release of "Everybody's Nintendo" in other regions, but considering Check Mii Out was released in all regions on the same day, we're hoping that the rest of the world can have this coveted channel soon.

[Via DS Fanboy]

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