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Godzilla: Unleashed takes a double crap on the DS

Eric Caoili

We're not surprised to hear that Godzilla: Unleashed Double Smash was developed by Santa Cruz Games, the same studio behind Superman Returns: The Videogame; we probably would have been more surprised if the developer wasn't Santa Cruz Games. The Wii version of this multiplatform release doesn't look too pretty either, but the DS game seems like a complete afterthought.

It's not just the deformed "style" we've found displeasing -- it's the blandly repeating, Flintstones-esque landscape, uninspired enemies and power-ups, and Mothra's insipid combo chain. What were they thinking with that combo chain?! Baby Godzilla is surely crying right now. Won't someone please think of Baby Godzilla?!

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