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Guildwatch: You can't trick people into gquit anymore

Mike Schramm

Or can you? The picture above comes from the terrific Wowbash, which has screengrabs of some hilarious guild chats. The one thing they don't have, however, is some crazy, off-the-wall drama arguments-- who's collecting screengrabs of those nowadays? Anyone seen any good ones?

This week's Guildwatch, which has not only your drama feed for the week (we've got a famous guild disbanding this week), but also downed and recruiting news from around the realms. Hit the link below to check it out, and don't forget: send us your tips, anonymous or otherwise, at "Really?" GW has left the guild.


  • Ah, casual vs. hardcore drama. Kryptonite on Draka-H had a fun little clash over the weekend-- apparently one of their casuals, unhappy with the standard raiding times, decided to try and start their own raid, and that threw the raidleader into "an all-caps hissy-fit." You raid with her or you don't raid at all. Fights ensued, and eventually the hardcore raiders abandoned the guild completely for The Vanquished. Here's hoping everyone's happy now-- we're told Kryptonite is going to start over and put Attumen on very casual notice.
  • Ice Nine on Khaz Modan is no more-- over the past month or so, their leaders have been hard to find, even though individual members of the guild have been around and excited to play. During a Zul'Aman run, the guildleader logged on and promoted someone else to GL, then /gquit. After a little while, he logged on a guilded alt, asked for leadership of the guild again, and then /gdisbanded the whole thing. We're told the guildleaders haven't talked at all about the reasons for what they did, to the former guildmembers' dismay. Our suggestion: reform as a new guild, folks. Who needs idiot leaders when you can lead yourselves?
  • We mentioned Greatly Exaggerated of Hydraxis in our Downed section last week, but apparently there's drama there this week: an anonymous tipster tell us that GE is going through a little transfer drama. They invaded Hydraxis from other servers, and not only do other players on the server consider a server first by GE a "steal," there's another guild, Kalimdors Legion, that has made it their job to compete against GE and represent Hydraxis locals. There's also rumors going around that GE had a little trouble filling their raid spots-- Hydraxis natives aren't big fans of theirs apparently.
  • Not Your Typical Heroes on Whisperwind imploded this week, as the GM decided he had lost too many raiders and didn't feel like raiding and recruiting. Most of the guildies have moved to Fallout or Vitality (or formed their own guilds-- one is called WW WW WW WW WW WW WW, and don't ask me how to pronounce that), but they're all still chatting together in the "NYTH" channel.
  • We were told the origin of Malcin (the quickly becoming legendary drama queen of Guildwatches past) this week-- apparently not only did he own the auction house for about 80k gold, but the current drama all started with a Mongoose enchant drop. Malcin apparently was in a group when it dropped, and was willing to roll on it, but Fatcow/Kopps reportedly, knowing Malcin's economic past, did not want Malcin to have the formula, and instead masterlooted it to the guild enchanter. Malcin was reportedly furious, and as we know, history was made. Seriously, it's like a supervillian's backstory.
  • OZ of Shadowmoon got a little fame a while back when Blizzard attacked them for recruiting as GLBT-friendly in the recruitment channels, but a tipster tells us that they've disbanded this week due to infighting and low raid attendance. Most of the guild has moved on, though-- check out that gloating and drama later on in the thread.
  • Havoc on Lightninghoof-H downed the Prince on their first try ever. Grats!
  • Shibboleth of Rexxar downed Moroes, the Maiden, and the Wolf on their second trip ever into Karazhan. Curator, buddy, hope you enjoyed that Thanksgiving meal, because it's probably your last-- you're on notice!
  • Reforged on Runetotem dropped Kael-- we hear the key to victory was distracting the guild's hunters with Chuck Norris jokes in Barrens chat, and stacking the raid with Locks. That'll do it.
  • Dominion on Tanaris has kilt (is that usable that way) Gruul and they're on their way to Magtheridon. Grats!
  • Athanatoi on EU Shatar appeared in this space a while back for downing Prince, but these days they rock Karazhan in just a few hours. They also have a few ZA groups going now, and they just downed HKM and Gruul. Grats!
  • Kung Foo Monkey Badgers (who, after long last, have finally won this week's Best Guild Name award!) on EU Runetotem have rolled all the way up to Shade of Aran. They're also still recruiting healers. Why would you not want to join a guild with a name like that? Why!?
  • Eclipse on EU Argent Dawn rocked it last week: Leotheras and Karathras, and Akil'zon and Halazzi all downed last week. Very nice.
  • Relentless, on The Scryers-A, one-shot Nightbane for a guild first kill. Now that all the bosses in Karazahn have been downed, Nalorakk in Zul'Aman is on notice!
  • The Three Hundred on Altar of Storms (would be so awesome if they actually had 300 people in their guild) have cleared all the way up to Opera in their three weeks in Karazhan. Curator, better start curating... your death! Look, they can't all be winners.
  • Lucidity on Thorium Brotherhood-A have skinned Nalorakk, clipped Akil'zon's wings, declawed Halazzi, and extinguished Jan'alai. They also let us know later in the week that Hex Lord Malacrass fell to their power, and Magtheridon and Loot Reaver also died to them, too.
  • Plan B of Shattered Halls has progressed all the way up to Vashj (who's shaking in her fins), and Kael (who's shaking in his boots). Grats!
  • The Pig & Whistle Society and Virtue both on Kirin Tor-A, moving in Alliance mode, were able to get all the way up to Aran in Karazhan. Cheers for teamwork!
  • Absolution on EU Argent Dawn-H has been bumping their heads on Prince for a while now, until their witty GM Nichinyo suggested that they couldn't go to ZA until the Prince got downed-- so they promptly one shot him. They're still recruiting, too-- druids, paladins, warriors, mages, shamans, and shadow priests.
  • Band of the Red Hand and Crucible on Blackwater Raiders did a little HKM owning this week-- Gruul is next.
  • Sacred Divinity is a casual, RL-friendly guild on Uldaman-A, but they are proud to have not one but two groups all the way through Karazhan. Very nice, good job.
  • Torn Empire from Durotan dropped Hydross with one man standing-- fortunately for them, it was a druid with a battle rez. Tidewalker is on notice like maple syrup on pancakes.
  • Azeroth's Most Deadly on Andorhal-H has just finished Karazhan and is recruiting for ZA and beyond. They specifically need tanks and healers, but they'll take anyone with patience, a good attitude and a commitment to progression. Look 'em up, they sound cool.
  • Nerf Herder Nation of Illidan is recruiting players of all classes for fun, casual raiding. Officer positions available as well.
  • Brotherhood of Ronin on Dalvengyr-A is looking for some healers (druids and priests) and some offtanks as well.
  • Defiant on Greymane formed their raiding team about two weeks ago, and they're already up to Prince. Nightbane, baby-- you're on notice for their third week.
  • Fatality, also on Greymane, is recruiting 45+ to get their way up to 70 and into Karazhan.
  • Tempest on Eldre'thelas-A is recruiting mature and professional resto shamans, warlocks, and shadow priests for some Kael'thas attempts. Apply on their website.
That's it for GW this week! Until next week, send those tips to, and happy raiding, everybody!

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