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Hooray for a new comment system!


Many of you have already noticed, but we figured it's probably protocol to announce that we have a new comment system. Those of you that hang out on Joystiq should already have a pretty good idea of how it works, but here's a quick rundown.

  • Your comments will now feature your avatar image. If you haven't already set up an avatar, you can do so by clicking your user name in any of your comments. This will take you to a profile page where you can log in with your password (which can be found in comment confirmation emails if you don't already have one). Here you can edit some personal info and upload an avatar.
  • Comments can now be voted up or down. Positively rated comments will become more visible, while negatively rated comments will become less visible. See a thoughtful, well-written comment? Vote it up! Do you see a hateful, irrelevant piece of garbage that should be expunged from all the internets? Vote that sucker down! You can also report comments that may be inappropriate.
  • Finally, you can now reply directly to individual comments, which will make conversations (and flame wars) flow much more naturally.
There you have it folks, a comment system with personality, flair, and usability. Enjoy. Oh, and feel free to ask questions about the new system (or just try it out) on this post.

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