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Rock Band's TV spots


We have yet to see the new Rock Band commercials out in the wilds of TV-land, but they are amusing. The commercials play in a world where "the band" is on tour with their fake instruments and living room attitude in rock star settings. We hate the whiny guitarist, but that's the point.

No sustained gameplay footage is shown in the spot above or the two after the break, which we guess means that EA and ad agency Wieden + Kennedy expect people to be "in the know" of what Rock Band is. We're not sure how great it was to have a commercial about a music game play off the humor of rock clichés like some kind of slacker-style Spinal Tap homage rather than show people playing the game. The "platform" is $170, it's going to require some parental coercion for many children to get the game and it might be good if parents were prepped by a commercial or two. Oh well, if EA is right, the game will be sold out anyway this holiday. Carry on. And is that Billy Idol doing the voice over at the end?

[Thanks Vlad]

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