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Samsung brags about new digital X-ray detector

Darren Murph

Being the 800-pound gorilla that it is in the TFT-LCD biz, we're not too shocked to hear that Samsung is quite pleased with its newfangled flat-panel digital X-ray detector. Reportedly, the creation is the "world's first" (ahem) to use thin-film transistor technology, which translates into sharper images and cost savings for the end user. Sammy claims that its new FPXD setup can produce "ultra-high definition images" to the tune of 3,072 x 3,072 pixels, and executive vice president Yun Jin-Hyuk even insinuated that this development would "help the X-ray detector market become completely digitized within a few years." Of course, we're sure that folks in this segment will indeed be thrilled to hear that "no film or development process is needed" in the new system, and better still, it should be ready to rock in Q1 of next year.

[Via Yahoo / AFP]

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