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Striking writers could migrate to videogames

Justin McElroy

Thankfully for all of us missing The Daily Show, there are signs that the writer's guild strike could be coming to a close. But what if we're not so lucky? What if the strike continues for months? Sure, it'll be bad for you, but think of the writers! You'll be suffering through reruns, but they'll be digging through the trash outside your house looking for scraps. ... Well, maybe it won't be that bad. But they'll at least be bored.

Variety says that some of those scribes could make a little side money on video games, if the situation is right. With around $50,000 for six month's work, games may not be for every union member forced to sit out of Hollywood work. But if a few talented writers make the leap to games, TV and film's loss could very well be our gain.

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