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Tabula Rasa Rage nerf, free respec for all

Chris Chester

After Tabula Rasa forums and general chat have been flooded with rumors of an impending nerf to the Soldier's Rage ability. The discrepancy between the buff to damage Rage gives in practice, what it says in the tooltip, and what the designers originally intended has been the cause of a lot of speculation and debate. As it exists, you get a 105% buff to damage on the first pump alone, an extraordinary boost to damage for one paltry ability point. Destination Games' lead designer Paul Sage has finally put the conversation to rest today, announcing that an impending patch will be put on the PTR soon that will nerf Rage back into the realm of reality.

The fix will make Rage a fast cast ability (it currently has a two second casting time) and has modified the buffs as follows:

  • Rage 1: 30% damage self buff
  • Rage 2: 30% damage buff w/squad members
  • Rage 3: 40% damage self buff – 10% resist bonuses
  • Rage 4: 40% damage buff w/squad members
  • Rage 5: 50% damage buff w/squad members – 10% resist bonuses
Players will all receive a free respec in accordance with the change. Needless to say, we're quit excited to see how this change will work out when it goes live. Maybe we'll see more specialists!

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