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Transmogrification for charity, auction 3

Amanda Miller

The series of charitable auctions being hosted by the folks over at the Bronze Kettle and Starprints are progressing nicely, with the second auction already successfully completed. To date, they've donated $450 to Child's Play, and are still up for hire!

If you're looking for the perfect gift for the gamer in your family, look no further. Should you put a bid in on their latest auction, you could acquire your own personal WoW artist who will work with you to create a custom avatar for use in forums, message boards, IM software, and more. You will also help design a custom charm to hang on your DS, your cell phone, etc, as well as an original illustration, all after the WoW character of your choosing. You even get a free cell phone strap and your charm is shipped to you at no cost.

In addition, although the top of the auction page claims that only customers from the United States are eligible, the actual text assures us that anyone, anywhere in the world can bid, and shipping will still be free.

Now you can even check out the avatars made for the winning bidders, for a taste of what you could get. What better gift than one-of-a-kind, custom artwork, and 100% of your winning bid going to Child's Play, a charity that not only funds pediatric research, but also donates toys and games to children's hospitals around the world.

If you would like to know more about the charity and the bidding process, check out our coverage of their first auction, which raised a whopping $300. Feel free to bid as a gift for someone else, although there are no refunds, as your payment goes to charity. The current bid is only $10 USD, so there's no reason not to throw a bid in. Good luck!

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