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Age of Conan video all about scary monsters

Samuel Axon

GameSpot is hosting its sixth official Age of Conan video, which we've embedded here. This time, members of the Age of Conan team talk about the philosophies and motivations behind the designs of the various hostile monsters and NPCs of the game-world.

The interview clips are interspersed with glimpses at the game's gorgeous graphics in motion. We're sure the graphics will go over well with XBox 360 players, but a case can and has been made that MMOs on the PC can benefit from low system requirements. On the other hand, AoC is not exactly aimed at your grandmother.

So if you've got one of those computers so powerful it has to be submerged in 15 gallons of liquid nitrogen to prevent a planet-busting anti-matter explosion, then rest assured that the monsters shown in the video look awesome.

[Via Warcry]

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