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Annual reminder: Xbox Live trash talk is vile


We're pretty sure most Xbox Live users doing online matches are a bunch of freakin' time travelers. How do we know this? Because by listening to an average Xbox Live Halo 3 match we're magically transported back in time and listening to the vocabulary used at a 1950's locker room in an all-white boys school. The above video is a typical FOX news piece employing all the standard scare tactics on parents, but it does give a nice overview of multiplayer trash talk on Xbox Live.

After the break we have a video from where one of their readers created a gamertag of "Gay Boy," went into Halo 3 online, and recorded the effect. The video is not safe for work because unlike the FOX news piece, there isn't a censor. And just to be clear, Xbox Live is a great service, but boy are there a lot of people using the anonymity of the internet and children without parents on there. Don't be surprised when the Halo 3 "mute button" is named the invention of the year in our '07 wrap-up posts.

Update: Xbox's Major Nelson (Larry Hryb) made a statement on the GayGamer video.

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