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Australia to get Mega Man 2, U.S. to get Not Mega Man 2


The latest update to the ESRB's ratings search page reveals some new games headed to the Virtual Console; among the more notable releases are King of Fighters '94, Top Hunter, Rolling Thunder 2 and The Dynastic Hero. The most notable release is Puyo Puyo 2-- on principle, anyway. That's because, while there are already two Puyo games on the VC, Puyo Puyo 2 is another of Sega's promised imports.

As "awesome" as a third Puyo Puyo game is, the news is completely obliterated by the latest OFLC updates for Australia: Blades of Steel and Mega Man 2, which probably hint at a European release as well. We don't even have Mega Man yet! This must be what it feels like for European and Australian gamers most of the time. Have fun playing basically the best game ever, jerks. We'll just ... oh, wait, we've got the NES cartridge, and also the Mega Man Anniversary Collection. We'll just play one of those while listening to "Okkusenman".

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