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Philips enters the notebook game in Brazil

Nilay Patel

Details are pretty sketchy right now, but it looks like Philips is set to release its first two notebooks in Brazil in December. The two models both fall on the smaller end of the scale, with an 11-inch magnesium alloy model rocking a U2400 Core Duo, a 120GB disk, 1GB of RAM and a dual-layer burner for R$5499 ($2477), and a piano black 13-inch model (pictured) sporting a T7300 Core 2 Duo, a 120GB disk, a dual layer burner and 2GB of RAM for R$3,999 ($2165). We're still looking for model numbers, but Philips says these were developed "specifically for the Brazilian market," so don't expect to see them turning up Stateside anytime soon. Check a pic of the 11-inch model at the read link.

[Thanks, Felipe]

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