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Today in Joystiq: November 28, 2007

Ross Miller

Those looking to be charitable can check out this year's Funde Razor event in Brooklyn, New York and Denver, Colorado on December 12. At each event, gamers will be rocking out to Guitar Hero and Rock Band, vying for one of the two plush Weighted Companion Cubes shown above, designed by Diane Koss and made possible by a grant from the Bond Street Group. All proceeds go to Child's Play charity; check out the highlights for today:

Last week in Warcraft: November 18th - November 24th
Reminder: Win a $5K gaming PC from Falcon Northwest
Today's worst video? One word: Kwari
Wii Fanboy Weekly: November 22nd, 2007 - November 28th, 2007

PSP Extended Life Battery Kit gets priced, dated
Nintendo enjoys its biggest sales week ever in U.S., breaks record
Activision CEO wants Xbox 360 & PS3 at $199
Calif. Sen. Yee urges parents not to buy M-rated games
GripShift to race to XBLA sometime this year
Xbox Video Marketplace in Europe soon, limited release
Playlogic wins copyright battle over Ancient Wars: Sparta
Rockstar drops GTA IV box art video, dates new trailer
EA preparing ninja party game for Wii, DS
Artie Lange provides voice in next Leisure Suit Larry game
Guitar Hero III PC/Mac hybrid done, shipping out Dec. 10
Discovery's Meerkat Manor video game announced
Nintendo DS sets new UK sales record
Nintendo estimates $33 million earned from Virtual Console
Blu-ray sales dominate HD war in Europe
Boom Boom Rocket update live, joined by five free tunes
EA replacing borked Rock Band guitars

Culture & Community
Can rap find a place in music games?
Broken Pixels takes on Space Pirates, Marky Mark
British Army head commends 'PlayStation generation'
Active camouflage Spartan from McFarlane toys
Annual reminder: Xbox Live trash talk is vile
Popular Mechanic's game gift guide has chutzpah
Zero Punctuation boos F.E.A.R. expansion

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