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WoW Moviewatch: Along came a conga line

Amanda Miller

If you've been checking out the WoW Europe events page with any regularity, or if you play on the Bronzebeard server, then you may already have heard about, or even come across, this neat little event, dubbed the "longest conga line in Bronzebeard". Inspired by similar events on US realms, Xmortal organized the event, with Cosu in the lead, and an open-ended invitation on the forums for anyone to join in the fun.

Although the event took place on November 24th, the official video understandably took a few days to edit. If you like dancing the conga, or watching characters /follow en masse, you'll enjoy this short but cute video.

We here at WoW Insider have hosted our share of cool server events in the past, including our Stampede to Stormwind with members of It Came from the Blog, our own guild that anyone can join. Of course, we also made our own video of the event.

Have you ever participated in, or hosted, a server-wide event?

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