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AMD slips out of iSuppli's top 10 semiconductor suppliers

Darren Murph

iSuppli -- the market research firm that keeps us up to speed on exactly how much each iPod pads Steve's wallet (among other things) -- has recently published its list of top players in the 2007 semiconductor market, and lo and behold, AMD isn't even in the top ten. It's noted that while Intel's chip revenue is expected to rise 7.7-percent in 2007, AMD's sales are predicted to sink some 22.7-percent for the year. Of course, AMD had only risen into the upper echelon of this list for the first time last year, but now it has fallen back to 11th, trailing the likes of Samsung, Toshiba, STMicroelectronics, Infineon, Sony, NXP, Intel and Texas Instruments. If you're interested in seeing the details behind the numbers, be sure and hit the read link below. Oh, and please do keep the fanboy comments respectable, will ya?

[Via PCWorld]

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