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BioShock creators form spinoff Bay Area studio


Upon completing BioShock, Irrational Games was transformed into a lumbering Big Daddy 2K Boston and 2K Australia, and now, according to an altered job posting (preserved in Google's cache), a third corporate entity has spun from the crew: 2K Novato? As yet unnamed, the new studio formed by "some of the creators of the award-winning BioShock" (not Ken Levine) is setting up shop in the Bay Area and hungry for a Lead Animator with at least 8 years of experience.

Meanwhile, 2K Boston is still hiring artists for its next project, which is bound for Xbox 360 and PC -- additional job postings call for PS3 familiarity. Many of the listings cite Unreal Engine experience as an advantage, suggesting that 2K Boston will continue to work with Epic's engine on what will likely be the next installment in the "BioShock franchise" (more like the 'Shock series). Deep space has been done before (twice), and the deep sea tackled most recently -- where to next?

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