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DS cases with faces


CYBER Gadget, the company responsible for that marginally useful but thoroughly lovable Famicom adapter, has announced a pair of DS Lite system cases with cute cartoon faces, to be released on December 2nd. To be exact, they're the faces of Gachapin and Mukku, two characters from the Japanese children's show Gachapin. The show, about two guys in big furry costumes who are good at sports, is super-popular in Japan. Which means, of course, that you can get a Gachapin DS game to play on your newly Gachapinized system.

Accordingly, these aren't CYBER Gadget's first Gachapin DS items. There's a whole range of brightly-colored stuff emblazoned with Gachapin's sleepy eyes and/or Mukku's permanently shocked visage.

[Via GAME Watch]

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