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DS supplemented with Vitamin X


Vitamin X Evolution: Super Supplement Boys Goes On. That's a game's title. If anything, this is a testament to the importance of compositional meaning in language. After all, all of those are English words, but hell if we know what that title means.

We know what the game is on a practical level, at least, and that's another remade PlayStation 2 adventure game -- this time, an otome game about a female teacher assigned to tutor a group of problematic high school boys. By choosing when to correct the students' mistakes and when to let them pass, the students' "Love" and "Study" stats vary depending on these decisions, as well as their (your) performance in monthly exams. Is it a dating game? We can't really tell! We don't want it to be. But otome games seem to be relationship-focused, so ... it probably is a vaguely creepy dating game.

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