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Joystiq Poll: Most missed Xbox 360 back compat titles

On Tuesday, Microsoft dropped another 84 original Xbox games onto our 360s, bringing the grand total of backwards compatible games up to 465. With each back compat update, they get closer and closer to hitting every major Xbox title that anyone would care to play again. Couple that with the newly announced Xbox Originals service – digitally distributed Xbox titles for your Xbox 360 – and there's a whole new way to monetize those old games. We imagine increasing that library of older titles is, now more than ever, a priority for Microsoft.

To that end, let's help out the "back compat ninjas" (as they're known) and identify and rank the games we want to see running on the 360. We've started by gathering every single game Joystiq readers listed here, and dropping them into this fancy UnSpun poll. Want to add another? Click on "Add an item to this list" at the bottom of the poll. Something on there that shouldn't be? Ask us to yank it in the comments. Something ranked higher or lower than it should be? Well, that's where you come in.

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