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Preordering through Capcom a Tribulation in itself


Completed Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations yet? Great! Then spare a thought for the poor saps who preordered the title online through Capcom, and who are still waiting on their copies, despite the game being released over a month ago.

Infendo reader Andrew flagged up the problem yesterday, and it appears he's only one of many on Capcom's official message board who have been prevented from getting their law on. In fact, we can totally understand the grumpiness in this thread, especially as it took a whole month of customers ranting just to get a faintly apologetic response from a Capcom representative. Now, Capcom has chosen to appease the baying mob with -- can you guess? -- yes! A 10% off coupon for its online store! You just couldn't write it any better.

Capcom has since told Andrew his game has shipped, though there's still no word on the awesome Phoenix Wright plush that was being dangled in front of those who preordered the game. Objection indeed, Capcom.

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