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Tabula Rasa mission designer Wynne McLaughlin interviewed

William Dobson

Wynne McLaughlin, one of the mission designers for Tabula Rasa, was recently interviewed by MMORPGslave to find out a bit about his background, and his involvement with the game. It turns out that he was previously working at a studio called Warthog that was bought by Gizmondo -- and you probably know how that story ends. But fortune intervened, and on the day that his studio shut down, NCsoft gave him a buzz and hired him to his current position.

The interview covers his gaming interests of the past and present, other influences on his work (he was in screenwriting before the games industry), and what he likes and is proud of in TR: "On a personal level, I'm proud of my 'ethical dilemma' missions, and especially the 'Penumbra' black ops mission arc, which started out as a simple idea and ended up becoming a major part of the game's meta-story. I was also very pleased with opening cinematic and the in-game movies, which I had the opportunity to write."

Check out the full MMORPGslave interview at the link below.

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