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WinDVD gets Blu-ray Profile 1.1 certification, whatever that means

Ben Drawbaugh

Although we don't use them around the Engadget HD labs, we love HD movie playback software for the computer. Not only does it enable the enjoyment of HD movies on a computer, it also opens up the possibilities to free our favorite movies, but most of all cause it is also easy to update when new features become available. WinDVD has been around for some time and now it appears that in early 2008 -- yeah we know real specific -- it may be the first Windows software to support Blu-ray's profile 1.1 features like PIP. Sounds like a non-announcement doesn't it? Seriously, no real date, but what we really want to know is how something can get certified at something it can't even do yet -- sounds like Blu spin to us.

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