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360voice's new Old Spice Experience Challenge

Dustin Burg

The Old Spice Experience Challenge is coming back for a second helping with extra gravy, but this time they've got a new format and a new partner.

If you recall, earlier this year Old Spice and sponsored a challenge where they gave out prizes to participants who achieved a certain Gamerscore goal. But now, with the ushering in of this second Old Spice Experience Challenge, they've decided to kick to the curb and team up with 360voice. The new challenge will start on December 5th, will be hosted by the 360voice crew and will allow gamers to create challenges, climb the ranks and win thousands of prizes including gift cards, Microsoft points, hardware and more. Details are a bit vague at the moment, but you can read all about it here, here or here. And remember kids, Old Spice loves you!

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