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In Development: Earth Eternal


Earth Eternal is an upcoming MMO by developer Sparkplay Media, and it's definitely something different. In EE, you'll be able to play as one of 16 races, each one an anthropomorphized animal form, known collectively and colloquially as 'Furries'. It should be noted that Sparkplay apparently didn't even consider the Furry lifestyle when they created EE; they're more fans of the talking animal genre of fantasy films, as put forth by Disney, et al.

Gamebunny recently caught up with CEO and Creative Director Matt Mihaly for a second interview concerning the game and everything that's happened since their first conversation. There's no hard release date so far, but it will be a free-to-play MMO, so if you're at all interested, give these interviews a look and start thinking about what sort of animal you most identify with; chances are it's in the game! Personally, I'm dying to be a plant creature, as shown above, running around in my own little pot and everything!

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