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Kenko's Field Catch camera zooms in on your favorite bird


Fancy yourself a bird watcher do you? Good -- be they the hollow-boned or British-beach going variety, this is the cam to catch 'em. The Kenko Field Catch image spotting digital camera features a 14x, 70-mm optical zoom lens, 3.1 megapixel CMOS, SD slot, and optional power from a pair of AAs. In addition to a viewfinder, a high / low throw-switch on top allows for a quick 24x or 7x zoom on the 2.0-inch LCD. Thing is, this is the same VistaPix IS70 announced for star gazing back in January by Celestron -- a company which recently disappeared from the interwebs. It's expected to fetch ¥64,800 (about $589) and possible hefty fine depending upon use when launched mid December in Japan.

Update: Celestron seemed to be having a case of server blues this morning -- they're back.

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