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Kuju establishes new download-focused studio doublesix

Jason Dobson

With the popularity of downloadable games for consoles continuing to grow, and money flowing through the game space like wine, it's no wonder that companies have begun to invest heavily in securing their slice of the currency pie. The latest to do so is British-based Battalion Wars dev Kuju, which today announced the founding of a new branch dedicated to creating new titles specifically for Xbox Live Arcade, the PlayStation Network, WiiWare and the PC.

Adopting the moniker doublesix, studio head James Brooksby says the name "embodies what we're about...rolling a double six is about having another go." No titles have yet been announced as in development at doublesix, though the company notes that its focus is on games that are "quick to pick up and hard to put down," which we admit is a sensible direction given that the Guildford-based team also worked on Geometry Wars: Galaxies and the PSN shooter Nucleus.

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