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Mystery, climate-saving invention to be unveiled at swanky dinner


While some past pronouncements of world-changing inventions haven't exactly panned out as promised, this latest one will at least have a pretty large stage on which to prove itself, with none other than Al Gore and others paying £1,000 or more apiece in the audience. As you might expect, however, things are being kept as vague as possible ahead of the big unveiling, which is set to go down later today in London. One of the few apparently clued in in the matter, British Inventors' Society founder Kane Kramer, would only go so far as to describe it as "a new science, a Super Material," adding that, "It would be 80 per cent cheaper than any alternative means of production, and it will contribute in a major way to reducing climate change." So, it's "something," but we'll just have to wait and see if it delivers as advertised.

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