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SIM2 reveals $32K C3X 1080 DLP projector, wallets cringe

Darren Murph

It's been a tick since we've seen a swank new projector from SIM2, but on paper, it looks like the wait was worth it. The firm's new-generation version of the Grand Cinema C3X (dubbed C3X 1080) features a gorgeous Giorgio Revoldini-designed chassis, TI's brand new DarkChip 4 DLP device, a 10-bit video processor, HD scaling and deinterlacing capabilities, 1080p24 support, a 10,000:1 contrast ratio and color-management software that enables installers to "precisely match each projector to its home theater environment." Additionally, you'll find a pair of selectable HDCP-compliant HDMI jacks, component / S-Video / composite / VGA ports, RS-232 / USB control sockets, IR-sensor inputs, 12-volt trigger outputs and an optical digital audio socket. This 22-pounder, which ships in high-gloss gunmetal, black, red and gold, is likely to keep your eyes affixed for days on end, but only if you've got $31,995 to spare. Check out a few more colors in the gallery below, and watch the drool, will ya?

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